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“No” to Energy East Links

Council of Canadians

DeSmog Canada

Tar Sands Solutions Network

“Yes” to Energy East Links

Energy East Project Page

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Fraser Institute on Energy Transportation

Regulatory Body Links

National Energy Board Page on Energy East

Ontario Energy Board

Allies & Related

Defend our Climate

Oil Through Churchill

Robyn Allan (Economist)


Potential Impacts of the Energy East pipeline to the City of Winnipeg

Anaya, J. (2014). The situation of Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Blue Green Canada (2012). How Canada can create more energy jobs and less pollution

Council of Canadians (2014). Energy East: Where Oil Meets Water

Council of Canadians (2014). Energy East: When the Pipeline Spills…

Deloitte (2014). Energy East: The economic benefits of TransCanada’s Canadian Mainline conversion project

Government of Canada (2014). Canada’s Sixth National Report on Climate Change

Pembina Institute (2014). Climate Implications of the Proposed Energy East Pipeline: a Preliminary Assessment

TransCanada (2014). Energy East Pipeline Project: project description (volume 1)

Szach, N. (2013). Keepers of the Water: Exploring Anishnaabe and Metis Women`s Knowledge of Water and Participation in Water Governance in Kenora, ON (thesis)

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