Who We Are

We are a coalition of individual Manitobans and community groups committed to defending the lands, air, and waters in Manitoba by working to reclaim and protect our environment and promote social justice in the energy sector. Our groups work independently on many issues, and we come together through this coalition to advance a shared vision and mission related to eliminating fossil fuels, protecting watersheds, and promoting resource equity in Manitoba.
We are committed to working in solidarity with other front line communities directly impacted by fossil fuels.

We are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba/Treaty 1 territory.

Member groups include:

Council of Canadians - Winnipeg Chapter



One response to “Who We Are

  1. Hi,
    We want to come and visit.

    Raincoast is a BC based charity focused on protecting BC’s coast. Currently this includes a major oil-free coast campaign. We also produced a film - Directly Affected - about the Kinder Morgan pipeline and the flawed NEB process see:

    We are taking the film across Canada and would lobe to show the film on the 24th June in Winnipeg. We are reaching out to grassroots groups and others to see if we can partner and use the screening as a way to also engage your community around Energy East.

    If this is of interest can you call me on 604 607 3494 or email ross@raincoast.org?

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