Constitution and Basis of Unity

Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition (MEJC)

Constitution and Basis of Unity

0.1 – Who We Are

We are a coalition of individual Manitobans and community groups committed to defending the lands, air, and waters in Manitoba by working to reclaim and protect our environment and promote social justice in the energy sector. Our groups work independently on many issues, and we come together through this coalition to advance a shared vision and mission related to eliminating fossil fuels, protecting watersheds, and promoting resource equity in Manitoba.

0.2 - Our Vision

We envision a drastic reduction of tar sands production and all other forms of fossil fuel energy development; and an equivalent decline of fossil fuel dependency. We also envision sustainable and clean energy sources owned and operated cooperatively and democratically to protect the rights of our rural, bush, and city communities; and the Earth itself.

0.3 - Our Mission

 Our mission is to promote renewable energy and to transform the energy sector. We do this through reversing the growth of fossil fuel infrastructure and extraction in Manitoba. We mobilize on the principles of social justice in our community organizing and grassroots campaigning.

 0.4 –Our Values and Principles

 0.41 - Strategic & Effective Advocacy: We plan strategically and take initiative with wisdom, good judgement, knowledge, humour, and critical humility.

 0.42 - Unity: We respect confidentiality. We are courageous. We act with commitment, integrity, and inclusivity. We act democratically and in solidarity. We are punctual and accountable to each other. We act together.

 0.43 - Respect: We respect each other and the Earth by being trustworthy, accepting, kind, and loving, and by working together in ways that reflect our shared values.

0.44 - Community: We value spiritual, physical and emotional health. We operate with acceptance and humour.

 0.45 - Vulnerable Communication: We are patient, honest, humble, and open in our communication with each other.

0.46 - Non-Partisan Position: We take aim at any and all political parties for their positions on fossil fuels.

 0.47 - Energy and Climate Justice: energy transition and climate adaptation planning should equally benefit and protect different communities and peoples.

1.1 – Decision-Making

Our decisions are made collaboratively by direct democracy where every member has a chance to both speak and shape projects to address their imagination and concerns. Decisions are made by 2/3rds majority votes of members if consensus cannot be achieved. Our constitution can be amended by a ¾ majority vote of the assembly.

1.2 – Structure of the Organization

 1.21 - Assembly

Our organization has an assembly, open to all members and supporters, which entrusts committees to carry out initiatives agreed to by all members. Assemblies are held at least once every three months in accessible public locations. All supporters and members have the right to speak. Only members have a vote. Quorum for assemblies is ten people.

 1.22 - Committees

The assembly can create any ad-hoc committees or standing committees as deemed necessary to carry out the mandate of the organization. Committees can be disbanded at any time by the assembly. All decisions of the committees are subject to review by the assembly or steering council. All supporters and members have the right to speak. Only members have a vote.

 1.23 - Steering Council

The assembly can, at any time, strike a steering council for the organization and delegate temporary responsibilities to the steering council to achieve the mandate of the organization. All decisions of the steering council are subject to review by the assembly. Quorum is five people for the council.

 1.3 – Membership and Supporter Status

1.31 - Membership in Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition (MEJC) is granted by the assembly to individuals who attends two meetings and one orientation session, subject to ratification by the assembly. Members are spokespeople, organizers, and committee members of MEJC.

1.32 – Expulsion - Membership requires ongoing commitment to the shared values and vision of the group. The assembly can vote to expel a member by a 2/3rd majority vote if there is ongoing demonstrated contravention of the basis of unity or breach of the constitution.

1.33 – Supporters are people who donate, casually volunteer, or periodically participate in the work of MEJC. Prospective members are also supporters until accepted for membership.

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