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Tell Premier Selinger to Reject Energy East!

The Energy East pipeline poses a threat to Manitoba’s drinking water, but the Government of Manitoba is being silent in their duty to protect Manitobans from the risk. Please write to the premier and tell him you are opposed to TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline.

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The Energy East pipeline would threaten the entire length of the Winnipeg Aqueduct and two important aquifers. The aqueduct is the sole source of drinking water for Winnipeg, carrying water from Shoal Lake to the Deacon Reservoir to maintain a thirty day supply of water for Winnipeg. The Assiniboine Delta aquifer supplies water for livestock operations, farm and town wells, and agriculture; the Sandilands Aquifer is an ecological gem and the source of ground water for five major watersheds in the province.

Energy East would guarantee tar sands expansion and rule out any hope of reaching Canada’s carbon reduction obligations. At present at least 75% of Canada’s fossil fuel reserves, and 80-85% of tar sands bitumen, must stay in the ground. There is no need for pipelines, except to allow oil barons to pad their pockets while taxpayers foot the bill for wildfires, droughts, and floods exacerbated by climate change.

The Manitoba Government appears to wants to use revenue from Energy East to expand Manitoba Hydro with an East-West electricity transmission line to Alberta - so that Manitoba Hydro can make more money. Energy East and Line 9 would foot the short term bill for Hydro expansion. Selinger is trading the future of our climate for Manitoba Hydro’s business plan, and to serve the interests of the top oil barons on the continent: the Koch’s, the Irvings, and the Richardsons.

Premier Selinger has the ability and power to stop Energy East and to block oil-for-export from traveling through Manitoba. What he lacks is political courage founded on a strong mandate from Manitobans. We must speak with a loud and unified voice to tell Premier Selinger to say No to Energy East.

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