We > Tar Sands: Winnipeg Pedal and Paddle

July 4th Paddle and Pedal for the Water and the Land

10:00 AM Gather at the Assiniboine Park Foot Bridge
Prayer Ceremony
 Boat Launch and Bike Parade

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Paddlers will take the Assiniboine River to the Forks! Along the way, they will be greeted and cheered on at each of the bridges along their route.
Pedalers will carry the message through the streets following a route along Portage Avenue to Ragland Road to Wolseley Avenue to Furby to Westminister twisting and turning to Broadway to Main Street to Mahatma Ghandi Way to Israel Asper Way to Oodena Circle.

12:00 PM arrive at Forks for Celebration, Music and Speakers at Oodena Circle. Lots going on there too for people who can’t make the paddle or pedal journey! Children’s programming will start at Oodena Circle at 11:30 AM

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The Oodena Circle event page is HERE

For the past decade, Canada has been a pariah state for global action on climate change because of Stephen Harper’s single minded agenda to transform Canada into a dirty energy superpower through uncontrolled tar sands expansion.

Our single biggest barrier to action on climate change is the toxic influence the tar sands have on Canada’s politics.

This year, the collapsed price of oil has sent shockwaves through Canada’s economic and political systems. We know that big shocks lead to major political and economic shifts — usually for the worse.

We can harness this oil shock for a profound energy shift. The plummeting price of oil has handed Canada an historic opportunity to begin its transition to a justice ­based renewable economy.

 But it will take a profound effort from our movement to begin that shift.

That’s why this July, communities standing up to tar sands pipelines will join with student divestment organizers, workers being laid off from the Alberta oil patch, and Indigenous communities on the frontlines of the tar sands for a historic action.

PM Stephen Harper is in the pocket of big oil, but right now none of Canada’s political leaders are putting forward a real climate plan for this country.

We need ambitious leadership that starts with freezing tar sands expansion and committing to a just economic transition that builds clean energy, invests in public transit and works for everyday people, not big polluters.

Together, we can be more than a single energy project. On July 4th, together we will take action to show Canada’s political leaders that We > Tar Sands.

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