Report: Energy East pipeline threatens Manitoba water supply


A new scientific report released today by our alliance of environmental, community, and religious groups shows that TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline would directly threaten the drinking water of more than 850,000 Manitobans, including the entire population of Winnipeg…

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3 responses to “Report: Energy East pipeline threatens Manitoba water supply

  1. Another hippy coalition who would rather have their oil sent by tanker from Saudi Arabia than support Canadian jobs.

    • This coalition of educated adults would like drinking water that does not give people cancer. This has nothing to do with oil from Saudi Arabia or jobs.

    • Alex Paterson

      Actually most oil currently coming to Canadian refineries on the East Coast comes from the US. The idea it is Saudi oil is a xenophobic myth perpetuated to play on latent racism. It is wrong and a definitely unfortunate argument.

      Similarly, our coalition has advocated for investment in green, clean, and renewable energy as a way to create jobs. We are certain that investment in renewable energy will create more jobs than continued investment in the tar sands and their pipelines.

      Our report was written by a biophysicist who worked in Nuclear energy, I’m not sure that is the standard definition of a hippy. Also no dreadlocks in sight.

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