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TownHall - Risk of the EnergyEast Pipeline to St Norbert and South Winnipeg

town-hall-mtgFebruary 25th - 6:30 PM

St. Norbert Community Centre Hall (3450 Pembina Highway)


Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition will present on the risks the Energy East Pipeline holds for Winnipeggers and their property, especially the citizens of St Norbert and the rest of the South End of the City.

Presentations will include discussion of risks associated with:

- Leaks into Waterways
- Explosion Risks
- Soil Contamination Risks
- Climate Change
- Worker Health and Safety
- Chemical Exposure
- Insurance and Clean Up Liabilities
- Economic Benefits and Risks

There will be a Q & A session after the presentations as well as time for a facilitated discussion for community members to discuss among themselves what they’d like to do.

Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition will be on hand to support residents in expressing their concerns to public officials after the meeting.

Our event on facebook is here.