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Application Drive Kicks off as EnergyEast Pipeline NEB Application Process Begins

February 2, 2014: For immediate release

Energy East Pipeline NEB Application Process Begins

Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition is holding an application drive as the Energy East Pipeline review process opens on February 3rd.

WINNIPEG – A Citizen’s group has launched an intervener application drive as the National Energy Board’s application process opens across Canada. Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition (MEJC) will be holding a drop-in workshop from 12-4PM on Saturday, February 7th to assist Manitobans apply to voice their concerns about the Energy East Pipeline. The workshop will take place at the HIVE at The University of Winnipeg.

“On Feb 7th we are inviting all Manitobans to come out and register their desire to participate in the national conversation about this important project,” said Erin Keating, member of MEJC. “We will be helping people write their applications online and making sure that they understand how to demonstrate that they are ‘directly affected’ by this project.”
In the wake of omnibus Bill C-38, the National Energy Board (NEB) began requiring Canadians to apply to participate in pipeline reviews.  Individuals must now demonstrate that they are either ‘directly affected’ by a project proposal, or that they have expertise relevant to the review process. Since the new rules were introduced, citizens’ groups across the country have criticized the new rules as undemocratic and designed to serve the interests of the oil industry.


“The NEB, under direction from the Federal Government, is trying to limit the amount of public participation in reviewing pipeline proposals,” said Alex Paterson, member of MEJC. “The Northern Gateway process had over 5000 people come out to participate in opposition to the pipeline. They don’t want Canadians to stand up for clean water or for the climate. They want to rubber stamp pipelines for the Conservative government. So they changed the rules in the oil industry’s favour.”
“To date, the NEB is refusing to review the full effects of the tar sands in its review of the pipeline,” said Dennis LeNeveu, retired physicist. “I am concerned that despite the overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, the NEB is going to reject any application from someone who wants to discuss the ecocide caused by the tar sands which this pipeline is going to help perpetuate.”
The Manitoba Government has largely remained silent on this issue even as the deadline for applications looms – closing on March 3rd 2015 – despite provinces such as Quebec and Ontario voicing concerns about climate.
“We have one month to get in all the applications for opposing this pipeline in the only environmental review this project will see,” said Paterson. “The provincial government has been silent on this issue so grassroots citizens are going to have to speak for Manitoba instead. We were hoping the province would be leaders in opposing reckless oil development, instead we are doing it ourselves.”


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