Feb 7 - Workshop - Oppose and Intervene in the National Energy Board Process for Energy East


Concerned abounerd-laptop-lit the risks of TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline pumping Tar sands - dilbit - across our watershed and city? 

Worried about its effects on our climate?

Please join us at this event where we will:
- Help people write their intervenor and commentor applications.
- Teach people about the pipeline and how to go door-to-door to discuss it
- Help citizens engage with their elected officials about the pipeline.
- Teach creative protest tactics.

Join us from Noon till 4 in the HIVE at the University of Winnipeg.

The HIVE is located in the northeast corner of Lockhart Hall on the main Campus of the University.

Find the event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1545354235735231/

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