5 things you can do right now

TransCanada has submitted their application for Energy East to the National Energy Board (NEB). The clock is now ticking – once the NEB decides that the project application is complete, it has 15 months to make its final decision. We need to intervene now.

Full information and documentation for the Energy East Project can be found on the NEB website.

There are five things you can do right now (hyperlink to each):

  1. Get your business, organization, religious community, or professional association to sign on to An Open Letter to the National Energy Board on the Energy East Pipeline.
  2.  Sign three other letters.  NoEnergyEast, 350.org, the Council of Canadians, and Lead Now are all asking people to sign letters in support of a better NEB process.  350.org is encouraging people to join them, and they have a letter campaign encouraging NEB Chair Paul Watson to include climate impacts in the review. Send your letter here:Give Energy East a People’s Intervention.  The Council of Canadians has launched Our Risk: Their Reward, and has a similar letter campaign that you can find here: We need a fair pipeline review.Lead Now’s No Legitimacy campaign is here.
  3. Join our mailing list and Facebook page
  4. Join 350.org Energy East Action Network
  5. Apply to be an intervenor in the National Energy Board review process.

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